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My name is Mark Berry, I am a 55 year young male. In February 2013 my daughter convinced me to join Devil Dogg CrossFit. At that time I weighed in at 245 pounds and after the first day I was sure I would die. I wasn’t able to run any distance, perform pull ups or any number of other activities.

Currently I tip the scales at 205 pounds, I do my best to attend at least three times a week including a weightlifting class. I’ve completed several Paleo challenges, 5K runs, completed two Spartan events and feel stronger and healthier every day. Devil Dogg CrossFit is one of the best things to happen to me, and I have my daughter Katelyn to thank for that. The people, coaches and athletes at Devil Dogg CrossFit are the best part of going there. There is absolutely no negativity in the box. Everyone encourages each other, in fact during one of my first visits the athletes all joined in to help me finish the WOD, and everyone in the box did air squats with me to get me through. I will never forget this, and when new athletes are struggling I can now help them finish. Every WOD is different and I guarantee anyone who tries this will never get bored.

So, all I can say is thank you to Katelyn for convincing me to go the first time, and thank you to all the coaches and athletes for encouraging me every day to do better and reminding me that I can do this thing they call CrossFit.

Growing up, I was not into fitness or health. I played volleyball in high-school but once the season was over, I spent all of my time on the couch watching TV. I was the biggest girl on the team and often was the focus of mean jokes and ridicule. I developed a sense of humor about it and made it a point to be the first to make the joke so no one else could. After high school, I continued to gain weight and become progressively more unhealthy. After two kids, I was my heaviest and most unhealthy I had been my whole life. When my son was 5 months old, he was diagnosed with a devastating form or epilepsy. I watched him struggle every day to be "normal". It was then that I knew I needed to do something. He was fighting to live and I was slowly killing myself. One night when we were in the hospital, I was up watching him sleep and made a promise to him that I would be the mom he deserved. I was successful with losing weight with diet alone until I plateaued. I knew I needed to incorporate fitness. I played around with different things from running to Zumba and nothing really worked for me. That is when I found DDC. The Deleons and Julie Moran talked about this crazy workout in a warehouse and I decided to give it a try. I'd like to say I fell in love with it the second I started but that would be a lie. The first workout (a Sunday Funday) just about killed me. I was terrified of failing so sulked away and decided never to go back. Then one day I ran into Sara and she convinced me to give it another try. I made the decision I would not let myself quit. I would not take the easy road and no matter what, I would see this through. That was 2 years ago this month. Every day, I am challenged but I have come to love this crazy place. The people have become family. They support me, push me, and when needed they call me on my crap. The inspiration that each and every person gives me is immeasurable. This is my safe place. The place I can go and be "ME". I could not be more thankful for this crazy place.

My name is Felicia Sanchez-Garbiso and I joined Devil Dogg CrossFit in June of 2013, six months after the birth of my baby girl. After being inspired by my amazing little sisters and their athletic and fitness accomplishments I thought I’d give it a try. As a new mom trying to find a balance between everything, I really wanted to make a healthy change in my life that would not only benefit myself but my family as well. Other than running a few years in high school I’ve never really been involved in sports or even thought of myself as being an athlete. After starting at DDC I discovered that for the first time in a very long time, I was able to challenge myself and my own abilities like never before. Everyone was so supportive and encouraging, that it made me want to keep coming back. Then as fate would have it, 6 months after starting CrossFit, losing all of my baby weight, and finally starting to see improvements in my agility and strength, we found out we were going to be blessed with another baby! As excited as I was, I was extremely sick and couldn’t always make to the Box those first few months. This was very hard for me because I had learned so much about myself and had only just begun. I didn’t want to have stop there. After doing a lot of research I decided that I wasn’t going to stop there and that I would continue on my CrossFit journey pregnant or not. After starting to feel much better I was back at it. I would scale my WOD’s and slightly lift around my belly (in the safest way possible of course). I think the hardest part during that time was not being able to push myself to do more in a WOD since that of course, wouldn’t be safe for me or the baby. Instead, I focused on staying healthy and fit during my pregnancy. As a result my labor and delivery of my second baby was 10 times easier than my first baby. On Aug. 1, 2014 I had a strong and very healthy CrossFit baby boy! . Six weeks after that I came back to the Box and began to work on myself again. As the eldest of four daughters I’ve always felt a responsibility to protect and guide my sisters in the best way possible but in this case I am proud to say they are the ones who guided me towards one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. We are all extremely close and have made it through some very rough times in our lives together. My life has been very challenging in many ways but so have many other people’s lives. I believe that’s what makes us stronger. Sometimes these challenges in life prepare us mentally, so we can then surprise ourselves physically as far as realizing what our bodies are capable of doing. With the support and encouragement of my family, my sisters & brothers, and the coaches and athletes at DDC, I have surprised myself so in many ways. I look forward to accomplishing more in the future and I’d like to especially thank Chris Carter and Michelle Segura for their support and encouragement during those extra tough WOD’s at 6am . You have seen and supported me through it all! I am not where I used to be but I am also not where I want to be. It is a constant challenge and the great part about CrossFit is that you can always get better AND someone will always be better than you. I love that! Keeps you humble. I am so very blessed to be a part of such an amazing and positive environment at DDC. There are so many awesome and inspiring athletes here who have accomplished so much, and I haven’t even met all of you yet! Just so you know, I admire all of you in so many ways for your strength and dedication. You are the best! As a very close friend of mine would say… Much Love and Respect to you all!

My name is Ken, but most of the people I know still call me by my High School nickname which is Barney. I am 59 years old, married to a wonderful woman for 38 years named Elisabetta. Who I married when I was in the U.S. Navy stationed in Naples Italy. We have had the pleasure to raise two great Boys, Kenny Jr. and Michael. We currently raise our 8 yr. old grandson named Mario.I am the owner of Pueblochiliroasters where I make Chili Roasters for home and commercial use. I also fabricate just about anything I can put in my garage, and metal art which I have been able to send all over this country. I worked for the Department of Corrections for 28 years and worked as an EMT before that.. I was always in Sports in high school so I remained in fairly good shape all the way up until I was in my mid 40's. On Sept. 09, 2001 my youngest son was in a motorcycle accident where he received a severe TBI . He spent 7 weeks in a induced coma, and we were finally told we had to make a decision on his life. As we said our goodbyes it was obvious God had other plans, after more than 150 friends and family said goodby he surprisingly started to get better. He spent 1 more month in a semi conscious state and then recovered to where he is today thanks to the help of Parkview nurses and Craig Hospital staff. He is able to take care of himself and live on his own but will be disabled the rest of his life.
On march 01,2011 very sadly my oldest son passed away from a massive heart attack at the age of 32. he was also my business partner for our welding company Barney and Sons Welding. He was a single parent of Mario who we adopted and now raise. Mario has been the glue that has held this family together. It was at this point in my life I started to feel sorry for myself and I truly believe that without saying I wanted to end my life. My goal was just that, my whole life as I knew it changed in an instant. When you hit bottom, when you hurt everyone who loves and cares for you, only two choices remain, change what you are doing or continue to live a sad, miserable depressing life. I knew that if I continued to gain weight, not sleep, not exercise and change my eating habits that I would soon die. My Doctor who was a personal friend finally told me that if I continued on the path I was on that he did not want to see me as a patient any more. Luckily a woman named Lori Castellini, started an exercise class at our church, she took the time to work with me at another gym. We started with 5 push-ups, 10 air squats, ½ a burpee, 2 or 3 crunches and a 400 yard walk and that made me want to puke. I was so far out of shape, I gained almost 45 lbs in 4 years, my diabetes was out of control, all my blood tests were elevated to the point of my doctor suggesting I get lap band surgery. A friend named Sandy Moss suggested I use Advocare products, I did, and I fell in love with them. Plus they were the only thing on the market that would not give me a hot urine if I was ever tested at work. Slowly I started to loose inches and I could feel my muscles start to tighten up and finally a few pounds would disappear and I started to feel better. I began to learn that the Gym I attended was only interested in getting my monthly fees and really did not care about me as a individual, I was just a part of their monthly income. They said they offered Cross Fit but never did, even though their sign said Cross Fit, they say they are a gym that lifts weights and incorporates SOME Cross Fit moves. At this gym I could not longer get what my body was craving, I needed a workout that demanded I look deep inside myself., look for a reason to work so hard, a reason to be there for my family, a reason just to wake up in the morning. Carey Lopez asked me to come to Devil Dogg as a guest, I did and at first I swore I would never come back as I felt like miserable as I did a few years earlier, I could not do most of the exercise. I thought I was not strong enough, definitely I was not agile enough and honestly I was embarrassed, no other person in the class was over 35 years old. I felt like I was everyone’s grandparent. Hesitantly I did go back, and I found things to be just the opposite. The coaches were knowledgeable, Amanda my favorite coach was and still is the bomb, she was motivating, encouraging, took the time with me as an individual and set up workouts that I could do. Slowly I improved, I was able to do 22 Kills, I can do some burpees , run short distances, and I can even lift some heavy weight. I'm still learning and improving. When I went to class it felt like the other students were all family, they did things together outside the gym, they supported other members businesses, they laughed and they rang a stupid bell every time they did something better than they did before. And what I really liked is the owners and members enjoyed giving back to the community. They had fundraisers, they shaved their heads, they did burpees until they could not stand up any more. They raised money for breast cancer, Autism, and what made the difference was what they gave back to the service members, who served our country, both past and present, helping Vets overcoming obstacles in their lives, helping them and their families when they were in need, no questions asked and no need for payment all free out of the Goodness they had to offer. I may never reach my physical goals in my lifetime, but I know now that I have the nutritional support and a family of athletes at Devil Dogg who have the same goals, to become a better person for themselves their families and the community. So as Chris always says it is time to GET SOME! At least tomorrow, Amanda's class yesterday left me sore. Thank you!

Hello, my name is Harley Jane Carter.  I’ve been CrossFitting for four and a half years.  I started out in our garage doing WOD’s that were scaled down for me.  I’ve done four 5 K’s and won two in my age group.  Last summer I did my first powerlifting meet.  I won 1st place in my weight class.  CrossFit has also helped me not be so shy.  Because, before I couldn’t even talk in front of a group of people or go up and get an award I had won.  Since I started CrossFit, I’ve been able to do what I love and express my emotions.  I have many goals for CrossFit when I am older.  I definitely want to be in the CrossFit Games for teens.  I have been able to get better at all the other sports I play, like volleyball and gymnastics.  I would like to work my way up to being able to teach the CrossFit Kids Class.  Even though CrossFit gets hard now and then, but it one of my most favorite things to do.  I’ve had such a wonderful four years of CrossFit.  It will just make you stronger!  It’s an amazing thing to be a part of for so long.  My dad has been the best coach I could have.  I love him teaching the kid’s class.  It is always so much fun with him.

My name is Julie Cundiff and my Crossfit journey started over 5 yrs ago.  When I moved to Pueblo over 13 yrs ago I had just been diagnosed with a heart valve problem.  To make matters worse, I was overweight.  I am 4’ 11” and weighed 173 lbs.  I was on blood pressure medication and my cardiologist made it very clear I needed to lose weight.  Like most people, I tried everything.  I finally found Weight Watchers which worked for me, but that wasn’t enough.  I needed to start exercising, but doing it on my own wasn’t working.  In June 2010, I decided to join a gym. I wondered into Pueblo West Total Fitness and it seemed to be a good fit.  There were different classes offered and one of them was a boot camp class run by Chris Carter.  It was different and definitely gave me a total body workout.  When Chris left PWTF to start DDC out of his garage I went with him.  What Chris was doing with Crossfit was so much better than any “gym” could do for me.   I have never been the best athlete, but Crossfit isn’t about being the best athlete. For me, it has been about pushing myself outside of my comfort zone physically and mentally. I love what Crossfit has done for my overall health.  It hasn’t just physically gotten me into the best shape of my life and off my blood pressure medication, but mentally it has given me confidence that I never had before.   I have done things physically over the past 5 yrs. that I never thought would be possible.  I have hiked mountains, climbed up the Incline over half a dozen times, done 15-mile bike rides, and even done 5K’s.  For people who know me that is probably one of my biggest accomplishments since I do not consider myself a “runner.”  Being able to do this is not just because of Crossfit, but because of the support system I have found at DDC.

Over the past couple of years, I have had some physically challenges and setbacks.  It would have been easy for me to quit and make excuses, but because of the amazing people that support me at DDC I have pushed through those challenges. I have met some incredible people that have become good friends and like a second family.  The best part of this journey for me is that I am now able to share it with my 16 yr old daughter Kelsi.  She is now doing Crossfit and has done several Hero WODs with me.  Being able to physically do this with her has been so fun and for I am forever grateful to DDC and Crossfit for changing my life.

A year and a half ago I moved to Pueblo and while I wasn't excited about the move at the time, it turned out to one of the best decisions I ever made. At the time I was in the worst shape of my life, a good 50lbs overweight, and not feeling very motivated. I've worked out pretty steadily my entire life but I had never really enjoyed it and the more I became out of shape the better I became at making excuses for not working out. However I still remembered how great it felt to be healthy and in shape and how everything in life really is better when that's the case.    Remembering what it felt like to be healthy caused me to leave my comfort zone and try Crossfit. The environment at Devil Dogg turned out to be a great fit for me with Chris Carter and all of the other coaches providing a perfect mix of Drill Sergeant/supportive coach which caused me to work out as hard as I could. I know this was the case because at the end of the workouts I was sprawled out on the floor gasping for air and in and out of consciousness for a good 10-15 minutes, and the day/days following each workout I was literally sore EVERYWHERE. I didn't really think it was possible to have every muscle in your body sore at the same time, but I was wrong, it's very possible, and very real at Devil Dogg Crossfit.    Yet despite the facts that first I hated working out, second the workouts were some of the toughest I'd every experienced so of course I hated them more, and third my body hurt everywhere it seemed like every day, I kept coming back. The reason for that is the environment that is promoted at Devil Dogg, the coaches that coach there, and the athletes that workout there. I was out of shape and trying to work out with people who were in fantastic shape yet there was no condescension or judgment. Most of us have gotten pretty out of shape at one point in our lives and it's very hard to turn that around and become healthy again. I don't really care to know how much harder that would have been for me if I hadn't joined Devil Dogg Crossfit, I'm just thankful that I did and grateful to all of the people there that make it such a great place.

I started my journey in Crossfit and at Devil Dogg Crossfit exactly 4 years ago. I was a high school athlete and have always enjoyed working out. I also received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotions with aspirations to become a strength and conditioning coach. After interning at a YMCA in Arvada, I quickly learned that I would rather help others who are not already “elite.” However, as an athlete, I needed a change. I was stuck in a rut. For people who have known me and others who are just getting to know me can all confirm that I am pretty energetic. I find that Crossfit helps satisfy my “ADHD” as well as curing my time from having to spend hours at the gym and yielding minimal results. Getting involved at DDC has also helped me open my eyes and get more involved in the entire community. Over the past four years, I have met some amazing people who are all trying to achieve one goal – to become a better person than they were the day before. I really enjoy competing and representing DDC and Peak Performance. I have competed in numerous events, as an individual and with teams. I really enjoy helping encourage, coach and push others in daily training and at the competitions I participate. Thanks to Karen for introducing me to DDC, Chris for keeping it going, and all the people who have been at DDC through the years. I’m excited to move forward and see what the future has in store for all of us!

I began my health and fitness journey 8 years ago. I was 24 and had just gone shopping for new work clothes in a size 16. I had known my weight was creeping up, but I was busy being in my 20s and doing the things all twenty-somethings do: drinking, hanging out with friends, and, most of all, eating out and eating late at night. I had never been a small girl. Growing up, I was the chubby girl with asthma who know one ever wanted on their team because I was definitely NOT athletic! But, I was 24 now, and trying to build my business, and I thought it was important to look nice. Two weeks after I had bought all of those size 16 clothes, my boyfriend (he is my husband now) and I were getting ready to go out for the evening and pulled out a new pair of pants; and, much to my dismay, they did not button! It had only been 2 weeks! I cried and cried. My husband was so amazing all he could do was tell me how beautiful I was. THAT WAS IT! I had had it! Something needed to change. I bought a Gazelle – yes, a Tony Little's Gazelle that is still in my basement to this day.

Not long after, a client of mine told me about Weight Watchers, and I ordered the kit the next day and dove in head first. I followed the plan to a tee. And, slowly but surely, my clothes began to fit. I would get on my Gazelle while we watched TV a few times a week; and, before I knew it, I had lost 50 pounds! I instantly became more motivated and started doing free morning workouts – sponsored by the YMCA – at the riverwalk for the summer until it ended. I had lost another 20 pounds or so by then, but I had no idea what I was going to do to workout now that my summer classes were over. Fortunately, the "Y" had given me a two-week pass to try the new facility and said there were morning classes just like the summer ones. Well, they lied. All there was in the morning was cycling, so I thought I would give that a try. And, thus, began my love affair with cycling.

That next Christmas my boyfriend proposed!! I was overcome with joy, but I was terrified of being a "fat bride". It revitalized my motivation, and I even convinced the bridal shop to order my dress a size smaller. Right before my last dress fitting, I officially had lost 100 pounds! I was finally in a size 10! My wedding and honeymoon came and went – and so did 10-15 pounds in my first year of marriage. I was working out and doing Weight Watchers half-heartedly, and I had gained and lost the same 10-15 pounds within that year. I kinda figured it was good enough. I was relatively happy with myself.

Then, I auditioned for Cabaret. It had been a life long dream to be in this show, and I didn't even care if I was in the chorus or had a lead. I just wanted to be in the show. Well I got the lead – Sally Bowls!! It is an iconic role in musical theater history and I'd be damned if I was going to be a "fat" Sally! I was now more motivated than ever! I made a new years resolution to workout, at the very least, every single day for a year! Sick or not! I will get back to that size 10! Well, I made it. The show was wonderful, and my size 10 clothes were getting loose! Omg! If I make it to a size 8, that's a single digit size!! I think I was a toddler the last time I wore a single digit size.

So, I kept plugging away, yet remained the same. Along the way, I became a Zumba instructor and started teaching two days a week. I was frustrated and ready to give up on my dream of a single digit size. And...enter CROSSFIT! I had a friend tell me about DDC; but, I was scared to go outside my comfort zone, and I hated to lift weights. I began "Sunday Funday" workouts, and I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the sense of community. Therefore, I decided to join two days a week.

I still hated lifting. It's my exercise equivalent to eating vegetables. But, it's only a small part of the workout, so I could make it through to the "MetCon" which is the part I love. I had never had a competitive bone in my body before CrossFit! It was very different than anything I had done, and I was starting to see my body change. However, it was not changing on the scale. It was very frustrating!!

Then, at CrossFit, they started talking about Paleo. There was a paleo challenge coming up; however, I had been doing Weight Watchers for so long that I was scared. I eventually decided I needed a change, and I joined the challenge. I vowed not to look at the scale the whole 8 weeks. It was hard and way more restrictive than Weight Watchers, but I wanted to give it my all. I stepped on the scale at the end of 8 weeks and I had lost 20 pounds! It was the smallest I had ever been in my life, and I was beside myself!

I sit here, 2 1/2 years later, still eating Paleo and wearing a size 2!! Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I still can't believe it. I still go to CrossFit two days a week; and, additionally, I teach both cycling and Zumba. I've also recently taken up Yoga. I completed my first marathon this fall, and I truly am in the best shape of my life! I love my DDC family so very much, and I have had so much support. I never would have dreamt of trying Paleo had I not had that push – it was just what I needed!

“I can’t.” “Um, no way!” “I don’t think I can do this!” All phrases that my coaches at Devil Dogg CrossFit have heard me say regularly since joining in October of 2013. Little did I know then, that self doubt was not an option at DDC. I moved out on my own and into the real world at 16 years old. I spent my days working, hanging out with friends and eating. I skipped breakfast. I ate Big Macs and Whoppers twice per day. I snacked on Doritos and Mountain Dew. I was living a very unhealthy lifestyle and after one year, I noticed I had gained close to 20 pounds. So, at age 17, I joined a gym and ever since then, fitness has been an integral part of my routine. Any time I moved to a new city, finding a gym was priority, even before unpacking! Throughout my 20’s, I tried nearly every fitness craze you could think of, from Tae Bo to Zumba. I was a cardio queen with no strength. And I could never figure out why, after hundreds of ab crunches, I still didn’t have a six-pack like the women in the videos. Fast forward to age 30. I was ready for a challenge. I saw a post about a Memorial Day workout at a new “gym” up the road from where I live, so my friends Carey and Hannah joined me to see what it was about. Well, it was CrossFit the WOD was The Murph. My first thought was “I can’t do this!” But I finished it (extremely scaled down version). After a few months that box closed and I needed to find a new CrossFit home. Devil Dogg intimidated me! It had a reputation for being hard core and I had visions of boot camp and being yelled at in my head. But I showed up for a WOD on a Friday at 3 p.m. Coach Chris was very welcoming and encouraging. The class did everything together, from the warm-up to the cool down. I loved it and I committed to going 2 days per week. In the beginning, I could barely clean 50 pounds. My form was awful. I was born with “external tibial torsion”, which causes my feet to turn outward, like duck feet. So I’m clumsy. My heels kick my calves when I run. And at first I couldn’t even get into a simple deep squat. To say CrossFit takes you out of your comfort zone would be an understatement for me. I am afraid of it all. It took me over a year to learn kipping pull-ups because I was afraid of jumping up to the high bar but I was too tall for the low bar. I am afraid of heights, so climbing the rope scared me. Box jumps scared me. I wouldn’t even go all the way down on the GHD machine because I was afraid I wouldn’t hold myself and I would fall. Handstands? No way. My anxiety and self doubt was an enormous limitation. But my coaches, especially Coach Chris and Coach Amanda, wouldn’t allow me to stop myself. With their training and support, I have broken through so many barriers that I created for myself. They helped me to figure out custom form for my knee issues. I may look goofy, but I can lift! I can do handstand push-ups. I can do box jumps. I can climb a rope. And I recently reached my goal of a 100 pound clean! Oh, and I have a six pack now! Just kidding! But I CAN see an ab. And I can open jars now. Being a part of DDC has given me confidence that I utilize each day. When I feel anxious or panicky about an important meeting or public speaking, I think about the fact that if I can survive Fran and Fight Gone Bad, I can handle this! It is a privilege to train alongside military veterans, women who can lift twice as heavy as I can, people of all ages, who are there to compete with themselves. Everyone has a story, a triumph. And I am grateful for the friendships I have made. It is also a privilege to participate in events that honor our fallen heroes, like the Murph and 31 Heroes. I believe that “healthy” is not measured by what you weigh or what size you wear. “Healthy” is how you feel inside. And every day, thanks to DDC, I feel stronger than yesterday.

By reading this, may you be prompted to begin crossfit @ DDC and/or continue doing  it for the long haul!  All that you have to do is, listen to and watch the coaching staff show you how, then give them your best effort.  They will help you improve!  You can do it!  Other athletes and the coaches, who really do care about you and your success in the workouts, will more than make up for your blood, sweat and tears!

Six years ago, my chiropractor said that I "was a textbook example of weak core muscles"!  Until then I thought  that core was the center of an apple!  Soon after that, I started "boot camp", that Chris Carter offered @ Pueblo West Total Fitness (July, 2010).  Some of my results since then:

July 4, 2011    100 burpees in 9:45 @ DDC demo booth

Fall 2011 & spring 2012    Rugged Maniac obstacle race - finisher

Spring 2013 & spring 2014    Spartan Race - finisher    (2014 - first place in my age group)

My first Crossfit Open - could not do even one T2B

2014 Crossfit Open -  did 55 T2B in 10 min.

Manitou  Incline - twice

2012 - 2014    climbed 3 fourteeners

Imagine doing activities like these, on dates in your future!  You can do it!

If you are thinking that I must be young and energetic, you are right!  I am 64 years young and energetic!  My wife (Sandy) often reminds me before I go to DDC, that somebody needs to be last, in the WOD, and that I need to not be afraid to fill that spot!  Remember, you are competing against yourself!  If you are thinking about trying crossfit - just do it and bring your smile!

I am so excited to announce that the Athletes of the Month for June at Devil Dogg CrossFit are Isaiah and Brayden Parsons!!! I get the privilege of Coaching both of them in our CrossFit Kids Class. Like my mentor Coach Allen always says, "They show up consistently, work hard, and continue to get better". I couldn't agree more. I have noticed a lot of changes in these 2 young men in the last year and a half. Brayden has really come out of his shell and is always willing to try new things and get out of his comfort zone. Isaiah has proven to be a dedicated athlete and team leader. So much so, that he is now a line leader during our calisthenic warm up. Here is a little more from Brayden and Isaiah..........

Brayden, "I like CrossFit. There are many things I like at CrossFit. One thing I like is jumping Rope. Another thing I like is push ups. Best thing is working out with my friends." WOW!!! I like all those things too Brayden :)

Isaiah, "CrossFit helped me to get stronger and face my fears. I learned things like rope climbs, sit ups, pull ups, and 400 meter runs. Rope climbs helped me to not fear heights. I also made friends at CrossFit". Great points Isaiah!!!

I often hear from adults that they wished CrossFit was around when they were growing up. I am super stoked that it is around for our children. CrossFit Kids......building strong future leaders!!! Get Some!!!

All of my life I have struggled with my weight. Even playing sports in high school, I was always the heaviest girl on the team. I was tormented all through school with mean comments, name calling, bullying, and being left out of activities because of my weight. Needless to say, I had no self-confidence, no self-esteem, and became extremely shy and withdrawn.
As I got older I tried everything to lose the weight even succumbing to anorexia and bulimia for 8 years in order to be thin. Yes, I got thin but I was extremely unhealthy, my hair started falling out, my teeth started rotting, my gall bladder and appendix were affected, and my cholesterol was through the roof. Thanks to my husband, I recovered from those dreadful days but not without side effects. Because I was not starving myself anymore, my weight began to climb. I would go through periods of gaining then losing, gaining then losing, it was a vicious cycle. I finally got to a point where I accepted the fact that I was meant to be fat, and gave up. No dieting, no exercising, nothing. I knew I was getting heavy but kept telling myself, I’m not that bad yet.
On August 8, 2010 my family took a trip to the mountains. All of them wanted to go on a hike. The kids went ahead and my husband stayed back to walk with me. I made it less than a quarter mile and had to turn back because I was too out of shape and heavy to continue. I felt bad because my husband really wanted to hike and ended up staying back with me. Later that day, we were looking at pictures from the trip. One in particular caught my attention. It was a picture of my husband and this woman. Then it dawned on me, the woman in the picture was me!!! I didn’t recognize myself and I was horrified by what I saw. Right then and there was my turning point. I had to do something about my weight. The next day I started my membership at Pueblo West Total Fitness. This worked fine for a month or so and I lost a few pounds. I did the Zumba, kickboxing, and body toning classes, the treadmill, the weights, but it just wasn’t giving me the results I wanted and desperately needed. While I walked on the treadmill I could watch a class below that my son was taking with Chris Carter called “bootcamp”. It was very interesting and intense looking. I figured I could never handle such a class, but I knew I had to do something, so I signed up.
The day I started bootcamp, I weighed in at 285 pounds, couldn’t run 20 yards, jump on a 3” platform, do situps, pushups, or any of the things the others were doing. I was so humiliated and frustrated with myself but the others in the class and the coach were so supportive and encouraging, I kept going back. When Coach Chris Carter started Devil Dogg Crossfit out of his home garage, I went with him. My body started changing, my weight started dropping, I was getting stronger and faster, and I was hooked! I lost 140 pounds and 8 sizes in a 12 month period, and started doing things I never thought possible. At 52 years old, I am now in the best shape of my life. I have been able to maintain my weight for five years, I run 5k’s, jump on 20” boxes, and now lift weights I never thought possible including a 300 pound deadlift! . I no longer take any medication for depression and anxiety, and I finally have control over food and nutrition.
Crossfit has not only changed me physically…..the mental, emotional, psychological, and social changes that have taken place in me are indescribable. For the first time in my life I am self-confident, self-reliant, strong minded, outgoing, outspoken, and unafraid to step outside of my comfort zone. The people I have met and friends I have made through Crossfit are irreplaceable and make me want to be better. As one of the “older” athletes at Devil Dogg Crossfit, I hope to inspire and help others, especially in my age group, to get active, get healthy, and live life to the fullest!
I can honestly say that Crossfit has complete changed and saved my life!

Do you ever ask yourself during a workout “why do I do this to myself” and/or “I pay for someone to make me do this (insert word)?” Because if you do, that is why you were not chosen for athlete-of-the-month – unless you’re me.

I began CrossFit nearly three years ago, because like many, I wanted to push myself to the next level. I knew it was going to be challenging and intimidating. I began knowing very little lifting movements, since I participated strictly in cardio based workouts prior to joining. Adding in weight was much more difficult than I had originally anticipated, but I enjoyed it. Not long after starting CrossFit, I discovered that it wasn’t intimidating at all. The people and coaches are very supportive, helpful, and friendly - which I know many CrossFit athletes are not as fortunate to have. I believe that because of the amazing team I get to work with, it has inspired me to keep going and to push myself.

Fast forward three years later and I now partake in CrossFit, Power Lifting, and Olympic Lifting, and my max weight for my lifts have increased by nearly three to four times over what I originally began doing. Though I am competitive, I have discovered that CrossFit isn’t necessarily about winning, it is about taking your body to the next level by pushing yourself. Sometimes I know I am going to lose when I look at the prescribed weight for certain workouts, but that is okay. You have to make yourself do things that are going to be grueling, no matter how long it takes you to finish it.

Okay, I have to clear something up: I know if you are reading this and you know me or have heard my name, it is associated with being a little late to some classes from time-to-time *cough*. Though I will neither admit nor deny this allegation, I will say that work can really make getting to places in a timely manner difficult; however, it does not stop me from going no matter what time it is. I am here to succeed, get stronger, better myself, and help others. Thank you friends and coaches for your support. I couldn’t have gotten this far without you.

My entire life I considered myself the “fat girl”.  I struggled with my weight my entire life and always tried all the fad diets with no success.  I had two kids and each time I was pregnant I would use it as an excuse to eat because it is what I was supposed to be doing and no one would ridicule me for eating.  In my late 20’s I had accepted the fact that I was heavy and I was ok with that because I was “healthy”.  The moment it all changed was during a doctor visit.  There were no concerns with my health, but the doctor made a comment “you need to lose weight, but you already knew that”.  That was the first time someone had ever said that to me.  I immediately stopped drinking soda and changed the way I lived.  I lost a total of 130 pounds in a period of 18 months.  After losing weight I was worried because I no longer had a goal to strive towards.  I decided fitness would be my goal.   I used workout DVD’s in my basement because I was too embarrassed to go the gym and then I started walking in my neighborhood.  That became boring so then I started running.  I set a goal of running a 5K, then a 10K, then a half marathon, and finally a Marathon.  I moved to Pueblo West in the summer of 2012 while in training for my first marathon.  My kids had football practice in the park and I saw a group of people doing PFT type exercises and decided to go talk to them.  I met Chris Carter and he invited me to come to his next boot camp in the park.  I did that all summer and each day he would invite me to the box to do CrossFit.  I knew what CrossFit was and thought there was no way I would fit in.  I finally went one afternoon and was welcomed by everyone with hellos, handshakes, and smiles.  I never felt embarrassed or out of place.  I still remember my first WOD because we did 100 burpees.  I LOVED IT!  I have met so many people through CrossFit that I now consider my friends.  Fitness is now a part of me but Devil Dogg CrossFit has become so much more.  Every day you walk in you can expect to be challenged, accepted, inspired and encouraged.   I still consider myself a runner but I also consider myself CrossFit.

Annie Arnold

Chance Dashal Carter

One thing that I like about CRossFit is that it makes you stronger.  It makes you stronger by working out.  Also, you make loads of friends.I like how we do partner wods.I like partner wods because you help your partner.  I like how we do birthday wods.  I like them because I get to do them with my friends.I like how my Dad runs the gym.  I like when Bella (our dog) comes to the gym.